Nathan (Asan N’Jie) and Zoe (Merika Vine) are catching up in a late night café and discussing plans for Zoe’s wedding and hen party, but when Nathan dons a feather boa, he catches the attention of another customer, Omar (Michael Fatogun). What follows is the story of two possible outcomes, one of hatred and one of desire, but which […]
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An ageing drag queen sparkles her way through time, revisiting her glory days.   Writer & Director: Kenneth O’Toole Producers: Darren Baba, Kelly-Marie Kerr Executive Producers: Phil Hunt, Compton Ross   Cast: Iain Stuart Dootson, Nolan Robba   Director of Photography: Will Baldy Casting Director: Muireann Price Make Up Designer: Julie Cooper Hair Designer: Kieron Lavine […]
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A drug addict (Dan Baba) remembers the innocence of his childhood as he takes his last hit.   Writer/Director: Daniere Baba Producer: Darren Baba   Cast: Rocco Baba, Daniere Baba   Director of Photography: Julian Debrah
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